The Stress Relief and Memory Training Center is dedicated to helping people suffering from memory problems of different causes. We educate seniors as well as their children and caregivers about the different types of dementia and about an integrative treatment of dementia. This treatment is available today for patients and caregivers, and can make a significant difference in the quality of their lives. As is well documented by scientists, dementia is a chronic disease with multiple causes that gradually affects the whole organism: the brain and the body. The information presented on this website is based on the multifaceted treatment model we have developed at the Stress Relief and Memory Training Center. It is an approach from a clinical specialist in the trenches who is committed to helping those suffering with dementia. Our mission is this:

  • To describe the working, integrative treatment model, which includes both medications and non-pharmacological interventions; these start in office and continue at home.
  • To present practical information about strategies to activate and reactivate brain and bodily functions by increasing sensory activities in a home-based program; these strategies have been proven to help people overcome stress, anxiety, and depression, and improve coordination, attention, and memory.

There are real possibilities that can delay cognitive decline in people with dementia today. Developed over the past 15 years at the Stress Relief and Memory Training Center in Brooklyn, New York, the Bragin Brain Activation Program is described in two books by Dr. Valentin Bragin: How to Activate Your Brain and Conquering Depression in the Golden Years. Every intervention in the program has been carefully selected and has received positive responses from our patients and their caregivers. The program is a practical guide for seniors suffering from depression and memory loss, accompanied by physical disabilities; it is also for their caregivers. It includes a range of simple, physical activities to help retrain the mind and body, as well as other recommendations for physiological and psychological changes.